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Image by Jonny Caspari


The Altar Team

Altar Home Transformations is a family owned and operated business run by Michael Reyes a local Tweed Coast resident.

Michael and Josh have over 15 years’ experience in the painting and building industry with extensive knowledge in roof restorations, interior and exterior house painting and home improvements on the Gold Coast.

We Pride Ourselves on Providing the Highest Quality at the Best Price and Delivered On Time

Personalized Home Remodelling Services

Altar Home Transformations is an amalgamation of a close family of like-minded and adept home remodelling professionals. We have toiled in the home improvement and restoration industry for over a decade and began Altar Home Transformations to offer immensely personalized home remodelling services to the residents of Gold Coast. 

Strategy That Aligns With Your Goals

We understand how close people are to their home; for many, it is beyond materialistic value. We understand the sentiments behind every home improvements project and aim to create a strategy that aligns with our goals. The result has to be as close to how you visualized it and we try to achieve just that. Home restorations aren't just replacing elements with different ones but are more of a complete overhaul from an orthodox and unappealing structure to the most eye catching designs.

We Build Strong Relationships

Altar Home Transformations is always looking to build a strong relationship with our present and future clientele. It is all about trust and we do our best to earn your trust as the most reliable home renovation contractors in Gold Coast. Have a doubt? Call Altar Home Transformations and get a free quote now.

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