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Timber Deck Restoration

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Timber Deck Restoration

The deck is one of the most used areas of any home. Due to excessive usage, poor maintenance, and harsh weather, decks in many homes on the Gold Coast can lose the alluring vibe and many can deteriorate and become dangerous. Altar Home Transformations provides deck restoration services that include a complete inspection of the present state of your deck to find out every troublesome aspect and then create a restoration strategy based on it.

Timber Deck Restoration Altar

Easy Deck Restoration

Deck restoration can be immensely complex at times as the interior of the timber can be more damaged due to moisture and loosened frame. We start by a structural check following a complete stripping of the deck if required. To restore a deck to its natural glory, we try to use the same components and timber and treat it to last more than your previous deck. Any loosened nails, worn-out edges, and broken wood are replaced before moving on to the deck restoration cleaning process.


Safety Inspection

Wooden decks has a very long life and may look very clumsy and worn out from outside but in most situations, all it needs is an extensive sanding session followed by deck coating with the material of your choice and in accordance with the type of weather. We, at Altar Home Transformations,remove all the imperfections and then proceed to sand the deck to make it smooth and even and uniform in all directions. After meticulous sanding comes the process of cleaning the dust, dirt and grime etched onto the deck surface after years of usage and harsh weather conditions.


No Hazardous Chemicals Used in Deck Restoration

Altar Home Transformations minimizes the usage of harsh chemicals for cleaning while deck restoration as they are a health hazard and eat up the wood very fast. We use industry-standard yet safe elements to pull out the gunk from the deck and restore it to its original condition. Pressure washers are used by us to clean up the dirt from crevices and prepare the deck for a new coating that adds vibrance and makes it impervious to weather damage. Any coating, be it oil, paint or polish, as per your preference is applied repeatedly to seal its contents and give it a long-lasting finish.