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Exterior House Painting Gold Coast

exterior house painting

on the Gold Coast!

Exterior House Painting Services

Altar Home Transformations offers exterior house painting services along with interior paint service. You might wonder if those two are the same but that is not the case. Exterior house painting isn't just beautifying your house with the most colourful paint combination but also makes it resilient to tackle frequent weather changes. Altar Home Transformations has executed numerous exterior painting projects that have transformed the appearance as well the value of many homes on the Gold Coast.

exterior house painting gold coast

Exterior painting is quite challenging and risky at the same time. Our professionals build temporary scaffolds to reach even the barely accessible areas and ensure that not a tiny section of the exterior remains ignored. Scraping off the existing base is a challenge in exterior painting projects but is necessary before we embark on the stage of fresh coat application.


Our intention is always to ensure that the exterior paint application complements the overall aesthetics of the residence along with shrouding it from dirt and dust accumulation. Cheap-grade exterior paint attracts a lot of dirt and absorbs moisture rather than repelling it. A thorough inspection of the property is done by us to make note of additional fixes that need to be performed to execute the exterior painting to perfection.


Altar Home Transformations prioritizes the usage of premium quality paint along with multiple applications of the base layer to keep the temperature as low as possible. A weak paint job with an extremely thin coating isn't able to maintain the inner temperature and costs a lot to run the air conditioning system. We implement thick coating with appropriate application of primer so that your residence isn't affected much by the outside temperature. Also, we recommend colour combinations that help you to keep your house cooler in the summer season and curb your air conditioner usage as well.


Exterior painting offered by Altar Home Transformations also covers fences, garage doors, backyard structures and timber decking that have to face harsh sunlight every day and fade away very easily. Our painting professionals make sure that no cracks, crevices, or tears are left unattended after the project is complete. Moreover, we recommend using paint that deters mould build-up and moisture accumulation, both of which ruin the aesthetics as well as weaken the exterior of the home. Altar Home Transformations ensures that the cost of professional exterior painting isn't high and can be availed by homeowners of all sizes and budgets.



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