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7 Reasons to Add a Deck to Your Gold Coast Home

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

decking gold coast

While adding a deck to your Gold Coast home is a big decision, it’s almost always one that as a homeowner, you’ll never regret. Whether the deck is for you and your family and friends to enjoy, or an addition to your home to make it more sellable, a deck is a fantastic investment with many benefits, some of which are listed below:

1. Your home’s value will increase

Provided you have your deck installed by a professional company, they almost always add value to a property, and whether you want to sell your home now, or in the future, a deck can help you get a quicker sale, at a higher price.

2. You can make your home more functional

Decks give you that outdoor space that your home might lack, and provide you with limitless possibilities when it comes to outdoor activities such as BBQ’s, parties and intimate soirees.

3. Want more livable space? A deck is the answer!

Taking the party, or even a family dinner, out into the great outdoors can be a real boost, especially in recent times when so many Australians have been forced to remain inside their homes. Use a deck to add more livable space to your home, and in turn, make it more desirable overall, should you want to sell it.

4. Your yard can get a makeover

Nothing looks nicer than a professionally installed deck, wherever you put it, and an empty or tired looking yard can soon be given a partial makeover with the addition of a nicely finished wooden deck.

5. Outdoor space with minimal maintenance

With a quality weather proofing stain on your newly installed deck, other than giving it a quick sweep with a broom from time to time, it will require the very minimum of maintenance.

6. They’re an inexpensive way to get more space

In the grand scheme of home renovations, decks are pretty cost-effective, and can be installed on a small budget, even when the work is carried out by professionals. Compared to other home renovation projects, such as kitchen or bathroom remodels, they’re much cheaper and yet still give a great return on your investment.

7. You can find a little space for some ‘me’ time

Sometimes, no matter how much you love your family or housemates, it can be good to get away from them all for an hour or two. With a deck, you can put a little distance between you and them, without even having to leave home, and who wouldn’t want to grab some ‘me’ time outside, rather than hiding themselves away in their bedroom?

In light of the ongoing pandemic, having outdoor space at home has proved invaluable to many Australians, and if you live on the Gold Coast and would like to give yourself an attractive and functional outdoor space at home, why not chat to a local home improvement company about your options?

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