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Tips for an Everlasting Exterior Paint Job

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Exterior painting is done to secure the house from extreme weather conditions. Unlike interior paint jobs, the exteriors are quite difficult to paint and require a lot of investment. An exterior paint job that if done the right way, can last for over a decade without fading. Haste makes waste and if your contractor rushes the exterior paint job, it will end up requiring a complete repaint in just a couple of years. Here are a few tips that you can follow for an everlasting exterior paint job.

exterior painting

The Correct Season

Painting isn't suitable in every season as paint hates moist surfaces. The best time of the year is the summer season and after the end of the wet seasons. If the exterior surface has absorbed a lot of moisture, the paint won't stick to it no matter how much you try. It will peel off in a few years and ruin your investment and efforts. Never conduct a paint job in the monsoon season or peak winter season when moisture is very high.

Paint Quality

Skimping on the paint quality to save a few bucks on the overall cost will land you in trouble. Exterior paint has to brave a lot of weather conditions and therefore has to be of top-of-the-line quality. Cheaper paint brands offer good colour but that fades away in a few months. Also, inferior quality paint isn't able to combat dirt and moisture and is useless in terms of safety.

Using Primer

Using a primer before applying the actual paint has always been the golden rule of painting. But newer paint technology has combined priming and painting into a single material. Enquire about the difference between using and not using a primer and also ask about what types of paint are available that don't require a primer.

Cleaning the Surface

Before applying a fresh coat, make sure to completely scrape off the existing paint. Peeling off the residue layer will expose any kind of damage to the exterior walls and wooden components. Before moving to the sanding process, replace the rotten section of wood and then sand the complete exterior for a uniform finish. If the surface has too many irregularities and cracks it would require a lot more painting material and will remain uneven even after multiple coat applications. For brick walls, a pressure washer is recommended to clean the mould and algae development and restore it to its original state.

Protection of Other Elements

Protection of lights, solar panels, doors, and electrical fixtures is necessary while painting. Make sure to cover all these elements with thick plastic covers and masking tape. Never use fabrics as they allow the paint stains to seep through them and ruin the lights and electrical fixtures. Advise your contractor to paint from top to bottom to avoid unnecessary spillage and paint smudges on the grass and floor. You can also lay a plastic tarp underneath the painting area to protect it from the paint.

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