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Warning Signs that Point to Roof Restoration

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

roof and gutter repairs

Roof and walls have to bear nature's wrath year around. Different seasons present different challenges and slowly weaken the structure from the inside. A weakened and dysfunctional roof can pose problems for the residents. The problem is that the roof is the least accessible area of the house and doesn't receive as much attention as the other elements of the house. Also, an inspection of the roof isn't possible unless you hire a professional roofing contractor. Still, here are a few warning signs that you should look into:

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks unravel the condition of your roof and if it needs a basic uplift or a complete overhaul. The easiest way to identify leaks is to frequently visit your roof space and check for damp areas. Also, during heavy rains, even the finest cracks in the roof can begin to leak as the water flow is high. If you notice water dripping from the roof from multiple areas then it is advisable to call a roof restoration company. They will come and inspect the status of your roof and make suggestions as per your budget.

Undue Growth

Another major telltale sign of roof replacement is mould and algae growth on the roof and inside the house as well. Do not jump to conclusions as it could be faulty plumbing or wet insulation. But if these two aren't the culprit, chances are that your roof has become a favourable location for moss growth. Moss growth has a very bad odour.If certain areas or roof spaces smell bad and damp, it is advisable to get your roof inspected for cracks and moss growth.


Roof tiles and shingles are susceptible to damage in case of heavy rains and wind. A few cracks here and there are repairable but if large sections have continuous crack development, roof replacement is the only viable option. Cracks are an inviting ground for moss growth and the water is absorbed by the roof wherever the shingles are broken. Since the tiles and shingles are placed in a cascading manner the water damage can slowly spread out to the entire roof.

Clogged Drainage

Clogged drainage and roof gutters can supplement moss growth as the water doesn't have a proper room for escape. When gutters are choked, the water stays on the roof for a longer period and slowly seeps into the wooden frame and walls.

Roof Rot

Slowly, the water seepage can cause the base of the roof, which is wooden, to rot. Wood loses its structural integrity, it begins to rot and that can be a very dangerous situation for you and your family. It is advisable to frequently check for roof rot by looking for the signs such as damp areas, water leakage, broken shingles, etc. Never ignore wood rot as you never know how deep it is and always seek the help of a certifiable roofing contractor. Also, make sure to vacate the premises until the roof is fixed.

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