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8 Advantages of Timber Decks for Outdoor Spaces

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

timber deck repair gold coast
Adding a deck can create an amazing outdoor area.

Did you know research shows spending more time outdoors can help relieve stress, strengthen immunity, and calm the mind? But if you lack the outdoor space to enjoy nature, it can be a challenge to get outside. That's why investing in home improvements to renovate or build outdoor spaces is so important.

Just imagine a deck or outdoor room where your family can gather and spend quality time together. Consider timber decks and outdoor rooms to be the ultimate upgrades for your Gold Coast home. Besides adding value to your home, these outdoor areas can become an extension of your indoor spaces.

But do you want to know more about the value and advantages before making this big investment? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

What is Timber Wood?

Timber is often called lumber. The material is a processed wood - formed into planks, beams, and other shapes typically used in home design and home improvements. You can classify timber as hardwood or softwood.

Timber is the ultimate building material because of its strong and durable nature. When formed into planks or beams, the wood becomes a pliable and hard surface that can stand up to wear and tear, heavy loads, and high traffic.

What Does Timber Look Like?

In its natural state, timber looks like a standard tree with a large trunk and branches. Trees with timber wood are cut and laid flat in their original log shape. Then the logs are trimmed and sliced to form beams or planks.

These materials are then sanded and ready to sand and polish. Timber's color looks like any average natural wood. It is very light brown and honey-colored.

This light natural state makes it a great deck base as a "raw" look. But, over time, aged timber takes on a slightly grey and different tone.

Natural Appeal

You may notice different color variations, grains, or patterns within the same run of wood. Unlike faux or man-made materials that can look flat or uninspired, you will never tire of the natural beauty and formations of timber wood.

Now that you know more about the timber, how it ages, and its natural appeal, are you ready to learn more? Let's dive in to explore the top advantages of using this material!

1. Aesthetically Appealing

A poorly designed deck can be an eyesore. You have likely spent a lot of time, money, and resources designing or renovating your home. Don't forget to add that same care and attention to your outdoor space.

Timber decking is an aesthetically pleasing material that can elevate your home design. Unlike concrete or cement slabs that can look unfinished and of low quality, a timber deck uses high-quality hardwood. When planned and laid properly, a wood deck can turn a barren backyard into an elegant retreat.

Don't Feel Let Down

If you invest in a good material you want the look to scream high quality. When it comes to timber, you won't feel disappointed by the outcome.

And remember with age, you will get to discover new colors and aesthetics over time. This ensures that your deck or outdoor space naturally ages and suits the outdoor environment as time goes on.

2. Durability

One of the most attractive benefits of a timber deck is durability. Some materials are prone to staining, wear and tear and general erosion. But wood can last longer and look fresher.

Timber's natural contents help resist stains, water damage, and costly pests like any organisms that destroy wood. Whether there is rain or shine, wood can maintain its shape and quality.

And when the sun does come out don't worry about high heat warping deck materials. Natural wood does not absorb as much heat as other synthetic materials.

Think Long-Term

Timber wood comes from trees that can be more than 100 years old. Therefore, the material is inherently engineered to last for the long haul regardless of weather conditions or exposure to the elements.

And when you choose this hardcore material, trust that durability makes it last. While this all depends on factors like taking care of the wood, this long-term durability proves natural efficiency.

3. A Sound Investment

Home renovations are proven to increase your return on investment. Whether you're placing your home on the market today or thinking of the long-term investment route, buyers appreciate renovated outdoor spaces.

Investing in your deck or an outdoor room is a purchasing decision you and your family can enjoy immediately. But in the long run, this investment can add resale value to your home or help distinguish your property from competitor homes nearby.

4. Have Some Privacy

You love your neighbors and family. But sometimes, you need privacy. Decks offer the perfect respite to create a private enclave in your own home.

Depending on the proximity of your neighbors or backyard space, you can create decks to fit the area and provide more privacy. And that privacy also comes with peace. Consider your deck a relaxing oasis.

Use the deck to practice morning yoga or peaceful meditation. Get into the habit of having your morning coffee outside. Or, if you work from home, set up your home office outdoors away from the inside chaos and noise.

5. Maintenance

Timber is a low-maintenance and easy-to-clean material. This makes it an excellent choice for your deck or outdoor space prone to high levels of wear and tear or usage. Here's an easy overview of maintaining your deck:

  • Use a brush or broom to scrub the deck and remove any dirt or leaves

  • Use a timber wood cleaner to wipe clean the area

  • Or use a simple cleaning solution with liquid dish soap and warm water to wipe down the deck

  • Hose the deck and wait for the area to dry

When a professional like Altar Home Transformations installs your deck or outdoor space, they will run you through the maintenance and care process. And each year, or however often your space requires it, they can seal the wood to prolong its luster and quality.

6. Versatility

Materials like concrete or some wood grains are one-dimensional. But, with timber, you have the versatility and liberty to create a design you love. For example, you can create wide or narrow deck planks.

You can lay the planks in a traditional vertical design. Or, unleash your creative side and go for a horizontal or mixed design pattern. And regardless of your home design, whether it be modern or traditional, this wood fits right in.

A deck can be the perfect complement to your patio. While an outdoor space adds life and practicality to your backyard.

7. Think Quality

There are many types of decking to choose from that may be less expensive. But, wood is advantageous because of the high return on investment and overall quality.

While a less expensive deck material may be in your immediate budget, what will the maintenance costs be? How often will this decking material need to be replaced? The highest quality deck can transform your home experience and value.

8. Add More Space

Remember the goal of getting back into the outdoors? Investing in a deck and outdoor space can make it happen. Whether you are a growing family or single who wants more room to entertain friends, your outdoor area is the space to capitalize.

Adding a deck or outdoor room creates another living area. Get out of the kitchen and enjoy your meals al fresco. Here are some ideas to use that extra space:

  • Dedicated kitchen or grilling area

  • Space with sun loungers or chairs

  • Firepit with cozy chairs to enjoy campfires

  • More deck space for additional seating like a large sectional sofa or chairs

  • Create an outdoor living room complete with overhead fans, television, and surround sound system

  • Create a cabana or outdoor space near the pool to relax, nap, or change out of wet bathing suits

Looking for more ideas or design inspiration? Check out these testimonials to see how other homeowners transformed their space.

Add Timber Decks or Outdoor Rooms to Your Gold Coast Home

What's missing in your Gold Coast home? Timber decks and outdoor rooms! Adding a deck and outdoor space creates value for your home.

Decks are aesthetically appealing and durable. And remember that timber is built to last. This ensures your investment is well spent and can even add value to the home in the case of resale.

Decks are low maintenance and offer plenty of options for creative design. And most of all, investing in a new deck and outdoor space is the best way to bring your friends and family together outdoors.

If you would like to invest in a deck or outdoor space for your home, contact Altar Home Transformations to learn more and get started. The team can provide essential advice and plans you need to create the perfect deck or outdoor space for your home.

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