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Simple Ideas to Spruce up Your Deck

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

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The house deck receives its fair share of hustle-bustle and adds aesthetic value to your house. Decks are supposed to be the epitome of experienced craftsmanship and if you are building a new deck, it should exhibit finesse. Here are a few simple ideas for sprucing up your new deck installation.

Use fasteners

Using inferior quality nails to join deck structures is the biggest setback. It looks clumsy and gets rusty after a few months of moisture interaction. Invest in steel fasteners that grab onto the wood firmly and are impervious to rust. They also look very clean and unobtrusive and provide rigidity to your deck. If you are aiming for a completely clean deck build, then you can ask your contractor to conceal the screws with paint or filler material and make it look uniform.

Divide the deck into levels

Gone are the days of flat deck design that looked bleak and offered a basic sitting space. Rather than building a flat deck, you should opt for one with multiple levels. It is only possible if you have extra space but it is possible in small areas as well. Levels help to divide the area and provide comfortable and quiet spots for different parties to interact. Plus, it looks much better and is more convenient than climbing a flight of stairs.


The deck railing is in vogue and acts as a support structure for people on the deck. If you have a set of five or more stairs, railings look perfect in that setting. Also, there are multiple options in terms of railings. You can go for the classic wooden ones or can choose metal and vinyl railings, that look equally good and are rigid as well.


Brown is the safe colour choice for any deck construction but it is not the only available option out there. Experimenting with colours is very easy as now many composite decking options are available. Composite decking can easily match your exterior painting and surroundings and look striking to the visitor's eye.

Decor Elements

You can go for spacious furniture that has a comforting design. Going for quirky furniture items including modern chairs, striking coloured cushions, a few decor elements can transform your deck from ordinary to extraordinary. It is not only about the looks; you also have to keep functionality in mind. Try to hide wires and cabling as much as possible and hide them. Pay attention to the deck lighting because you don't want family and friends tumbling down the deck due to poor lighting.

Install Shade Overhead

A shade overhead protects you from harsh sunlight during the day and also acts as a hanging spot. You can hang tiny plants, speakers, lighting, and even a small ceiling fan to keep you cool. A shade overhead gives a three-dimensional look to the overall deck design and is a must-have for decks facing the sunlight. Although it is an optional feature, deck shade is becoming an important part of the overall aesthetic.

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